• Prevailance Aerospace

    Prevailance Aerospace is home to our aviation Safety Academy, offering the premier aviation safety training program in the mid-Atlantic region.  Our programs focus on providing Upset Recovery Training to corporate flight department pilots,  Spin Training for CFIs and Basic Aerobatics & Unusual Attitude Training for private pilots and experimental aircraft owners.  Our former military fighter pilot CFIs provide detailed academic and pre-flight planning, meticulously executed flight instruction, and comprehensive debriefs that maximize your learning opportunity.

    Our fleet includes the new Extra 330LX - the premier training aircraft for demonstrating dynamic flight conditions, unusual attitudes and spin recovery.  Our courses provide streamlined instruction in minimal time – keeping you flying and keeping your passengers safe!   We are also prepared to meet your unique safety training needs and will work with you to design a program that works for you and your pilot team.  For additional information on Prevailance Aerospace Safety Academy training programs, or to sign up for one of our Adventure Flights (aka the “ride of a lifetime”) click here!
  • Federal Sector

    Prevailance’s Federal Sector provides high-value services and technologies to the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, and NATO as they face tomorrow's threats and challenges.  Our current contracts and capabilities cover a wide range of service areas including command and control, intelligence, test and evaluation, cyber security, training, logistics, concept development, and more.  We are dedicated to bringing our Government customers the services and products they need to succeed in a fiscally austere environment.

    We are committed to the team concept; working closely with our customers and our industry partners to bring the finest solutions to bear on difficult problems.  We recruit, train, and retain motivated and highly-skilled experts who provide a breadth of experience and stability to our customer’s dynamic operational environment.  Prevailance is proud to support our military and our nation.

  • Consulting Services

    Our professionals understand what is required in a world of 24/7 global operations and fiercely competitive markets - the need to be always “on” to respond to the demands of your customers and business partners.  Prevailance consultants have the skills to improve your productivity with leadership initiatives and training that empowers your entire team - from the corporate executives down to your newest hires.  Our goal is to use proven and innovative techniques in strategy development, revenue boosting process improvement, organizational restructuring and workforce advancement to help you remain a leader in today’s market and to grow your advantage.

    • Our work is operationally relevant. 

    • Prevailance provides experts that are ready now.   

    • Our services will yield qualitative and quantitative results.

    • Our products are user-friendly, value added, and quality driven. 

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